Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Pardon for a Man Convicted For Voting

Do it for the Kung-Fu Judge!

John Kennedy O'Hara has a new petition online in his quest for a pardon - this is addressed to current New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Petition Statement
We the undersigned, urge Governor Andrew Cuomo, pursuant to Article IV, section 4 of the New York State Constitution to issue an executive pardon to John Kennedy O'Hara for his conviction of illegal voting. 

This all began when the Kung-Fu Judge, the Honorable John L. Phillips, got royally screwed when he decided to run against the Rosie The Robot of the Brooklyn Political Machine, Charles "Breezy Point Joe" Hynes. This, in turn, led to the theft of his his properties and, eventually, his life, alone in a false assisted living care facility.

John Kennedy O'Hara got involved, and for his troubles, was almost cast into prison...for VOTING.

As a result of Hynes' actions, O'Hara was disbarred - he has since been readmitted; but to make him whole, we would like to see John Kennedy O'Hara pardoned.

The Kung-Fu Judge would love it.

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